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Mold Training
Mold Awareness Training (M-101) 
This 1-day class provides an overview of the impact of mold on our environment and of the principals and procedures involved in the inspection, testing, abatement and management of molds. 
Who Should Take This Class:
Anyone interested in learning basic information about mold and its effect on people, buildings and the environment. Learning about mold is useful for those in the insurance industry - whether at a big company like Aviva or a smaller agency - and vital for people in the home and building industry. This is an ideal beginning class for housing officials, homeowners, insurance adjusters, contractors, maintenance workers and supervisors, building managers, architects and safety professionals.
Class Content:
Students will learn and discuss the myths, misinformation and facts associated with mold.  They will also learn about  the interpretation of data and the current general status of mold-related litigation, legislation, licensing and certification.  The following specific issues will be reviewed:
  • What are molds
  • Common misconceptions about mold.
  • Common health problems associated with molds
  • What factors affect mold growth
  • How to detect mold growth
  • Why is mold so frequently in the news?
  • How to prevent mold problems from developing
  • What to do if you have water intrusion
  • Overview of sampling techniques and analysis
  • Overview of abatement procedures and protocols
  • 10 things you should know about mold
Class Info:   Mold Awareness Training, 1-day, $195.00
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There are currently no Federal or California certifications for mold related activities or services.

The only "organizational-sponsored" certifications we recommend are through the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), who offer a variety of prep courses for American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQC) certification exams. For details go to: IAQA Education

Each AmIAQC certification is board-awarded, which means the IAQ Council certification board reviews each applicant's file, including their application, examination score, documented field experience and attention to application details before awarding certification. All experience may be verified before the applicant's file is sent to the certification board. This type of certification process is worthy of the time it takes... up to 6 weeks following the examination.

You must pre-pay and pre-apply for the exams directly with AmIAQC 14 days in advance of the test date. For experience and education pre-qualifications please contact the AmIAQC at 1-800-942-0832 or online at: American Indoor Air Quality Council.

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